There is more than one way to support Go Virtual Green

Your donation to 501c3non-profit sponsors youth on the NeuroGreen© Cloud and helps change the world, one life at a time.

Donate TODAY - Help Share Green Energy

You can help bring responsibility to the internet and social media, reshaping it as a useful tool to further our children’s growth and development.

Now that the Global Green Lanes are open on the new responsible Information Highway, We want GvG software to be FREE for kids aged 17 and under.

Benefits for a sponsored child include:

  • Participate in a safe and hate-free zone online that drives achievement
  • Access to global filtered Internet content that deters hate and neutralizes crime
  • Earn cash and rewards from creating green content through the GvG WorkShare program
  • Individual learning from STEM, Entrepreneurial, personal development areas
  • Brain-training that employs critical thinking, risk management, and goal setting
  • Access to mentors and educational content, tailored to their learning style
  • Access to the top educators and public health professionals through the GvG Global learning network
  • Access to FREE live and virtual events
  • Exclusive green content from today’s top pop stars that’s educational, inspiring, and rewarding
  • Membership in a global community that will expose them to diverse cultures
  • Financial literacy and the chance to earn scholarships through posting green content

Become a Sponsor

Our current sponsors include...

As a sponsor, your benefits include:

  • Opportunity to impact a child’s future achievement and change a life forever
  • Create hope, liberty, and independence for a child
  • Create a new virtual playground and safe space for children to express themselves without judgement
  • Stimulate a child’s community through family engagement and green positive energy
  • Earn points and rewards by creating positive things for kids to do through the GvG WorkShare program
  • FREE access to the NeuroGreen© Cloud – continuing education, events and programs, exclusive content, and rewards
  • Get inspired, feel alive, go far beyond an ordinary life by making a different for others to succeed
  • Personal satisfaction from being a responsible citizen within the Global community
  • Actively contribute to a child’s mental well-being and physical health, and social well-being and public health overall
  • Donation benefit for your Income Tax return

Every little bit counts when a child is living in poverty. Go Virtual Green gives them hope when there is little to no access to jobs, and a great education that will set them up for future success.

Go Virtual Green gives children and their community mentors a chance to be heard, while learning and earning in a fun, rewarding, responsible and safe virtual world!