In partnership with the African Community Bridge Foundation is bringing the Go Virtual Green solution to Nigeria to promote and provide a better environment for African youth to thrive and excel. In Nigeria the youth make up approx. 85% of the population.  There is no middle class and yet most youth are educated, they remain jobless, engaging in Boko Haram, militant groups, and prostitution. In crisis, the youth are using their power and sensibility to destroy social structures, and are responsible for much of the crimes and kidnappings in the country. GvG-Africa will impact these issues by creating the following opportunities to empower African youth to achieve and succeed:

  • Transform the Nigerian social landscape

  • Create sustainable and renewable (Green) mental energy

  • Increase positive productivity and recycle the human spirit

  • Promote social entrepreneurs

  • Create a generation of youth that is independent from Government sponsorship.



GvG-Africa and ACBF President Oge Nwosu-Irono and JHU Bloomberg School of Public Health Professor Michelle Kaufman, PhD signing the GvG-Africa teaming agreement

GvG-Africa Executive Team discussing strategic educational partnership with the Government of Nigeria to bring GvG to their youth