The internet is now the greatest place and tool for social communication and grassroots organizing in the world


In partnership with NeuroGreen(c) Software Technologies, the software company that provides the GvG Console and NeuroGreen(c) cloud technology tools, this partnership drives or grass roots social impact environment and the things we do in communities around the world. The NeuroGreen(c) Cloud's  GvG console is a positive disruptive messaging App that implements the 501(c)(3) non profit campaign that is attempting to restore responsibility back to the internet. Our definition of "Green" is the recycling of the human spirit. is also driving an "Earn and Learn" Message that reshapes the culture of social media while refreshing the human mind, which is our most vital asset. It is challenging the world to think and be Green online. We are using today's hottest pop stars and thought leaders to drive and empower our message.

The NeuroGreen(c) Cloud and GvG console App is a pivotal tool that gives you the ability to achieve and be rewarded through positive grass roots initiatives, online games, mentoring, clean educational entertainment, STEM trivia, financial literacy, financial services, and Green health initiatives all via Neuro-marketing and Neuro-coaching. 

Our NeuroGreen Academy teaches Balance, STEM, Financial Literacy, Risk Management, Goal Setting, and Entrepreneurship. Our NeuroGreen Cloud is a protective cloud virtual internet space that filters the negative content of the internet and allows you to host your creations born from your intellectual property. Go Virtual Green's belief is, human rights starts with a great education and a positive environment to thrive.