is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that creates healthy, fun, "learn and earn" STE[A]M environments, where what you see and learn become the things you get paid to do


Founded as The Family Life Resource and Culture Center in 1999 , our non-profit serves the mission of providing a positive fun opportunity to deserving families and youth around the world.  We are passionate about showing people from all over the world how to learn and earn, while deterring and protecting communities from illiteracy, violence, and discriminatory hate crimes. The good will driving our goal is replacing idleness and boredom with "how to" STEM skills that pay. We also provide youth with healthy life coaching from their favorite pop stars, reward scholarships, and assist the community with free living vouchers - going green is thinking fresh and clean.


life Coaching

Our life coaching goal - partnered with educators, our celebrity mentors, and other respected public figures - is to neutralize and deter youth from bullying, illiteracy, and discriminatory hate crimes. We continue to build and provide non-profit centers, funded outreach, and transformational coaching bootcamps around the world that teach social entreprenuership, productive communication, and technology innovation.



Through our relationships with The United Nations Association, The Boys and Girls Clubs, former NFL star Santana Moss's Foundation, neighborhood schools, universities, and The African Community Bridge Foundation in Nigeria, Africa, our mission has been to sponsor youth on the Go Virtual Green STEM educational network. Our educational programs in green life coaching, financial literacy, creative art, and STEM training inspire the community to thrive. 

Job Creation

Our mission is to replace idle thought and boredom with something positive and creative to do that pays. We also reward the youth for their own creative works of art they help us create in our programs. In partnership with NeuroGreen© technologies, we can accomplish that goal for generations to come. This type of impact will sustain a nation of people by creating green attitudes and productive entrepreneurial work ethic in our children.

There is an urgent need for private technology education programs like Go Virtual Green. It’s the expert innovation we need to advance education in a digital connected world.
— US Senator Ben Cardin

Try NeuroGreen© Talk, the world's leading STE[A]M initiative


Why NeuroGreen© Talk STE[A]M PIPELINE? According to the Forbes Magazine 2016 review, STEM education is the #1 investment dollar you can spend on yourself. 

NeuroGreen© Talk is one of the Nation’s leading Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math “STE[A]M” pipelines that has been developed and accredited by some of the top technologists and business leaders in the world. NeuroGreen© Talk allows students ages 10+ to gain 20 skills that pay higher wages than a college degree alone, before high school or college graduation. You will gain knowledge and experience of building a personal web app within a cloud-based virtual marketplace, or create a grassroots business, with our expert guidance. We give our ”Green Thinking” students something productive to do and talk about, while they learn to earn online.

We boost our students' traditional and virtual IQs by exposing them to the world of technology, business leadership, and financial literacy that produces residual income from their existing social media networks.

Try Your new Virtual Passport to learn and earn

Go Virtual Green’s NeuroGreen© Talk mission is to develop tech savvy and financially smart Social Entrepreneurs.


Join at the Transcorp Hilton, Abuja and at the Nigeria Air Force (NAF) Conference Center


Hosted in Nigeria, this Summit is structured to present an action plan for Building Wealth in Africa. Our American partners, leaders, and companies along with corporate executives will partake and share opportunities with African government and business leaders, to contribute to effective, positive change to the Nigerian economy and to create wealth and opportunity for young business owners via Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics industries.


Go Virtual Green is a #GreenLight, move forward


We miss out on opportunities because we often fail to see those opportunities and act on them. If the opportunity appears unfamiliar, complicated, or has the potential to cause you to lose your comfort and fail, we doubt it or simply dismiss and ignore it.

Go Virtual Green challenges you to see and discover unlimited opportunities and pushes you to earn what  is possible by your learning and good will towards others. With you have the #GreenLight to move forward with your success.