What does "Going Green" mean?


Our mission is to recycle the human spirit and reshape the culture of social life and communication online in our communities and around the world.

The world may never totally agree on anything religious, political, or economic, but we should all agree that, the only thing that separates us all in the end is an opportunity to a healthy education in a positive green environment, without bias or hate. This is the foundation of all human rights in a free society. Without this, we destroy our present and future generations.

Go Virtual Green and learn more.

— Jeremy Newkirk, Founder and CEO of GvG Software Technologies

Take the GvG Challenge with Titanium and become unbreakable. 


To be unbreakable you have to have a good education, live a healthy life, respect your environment, value people, and protect and maintain a positive identity online.


Take the GvG Challenge with Raheem DeVaughn and #LoveLife. 


Improve lives through social development, education, and health and wellness by collaborating with community organizations and foundations to raise awareness and tackle issues that affect our communities.  


#GoGreen with Debbi Morgan

Actress Debbi Morgan - acclaimed for her roles on the big screen and daytime TV - Goes Green with GvG