The coaches... like our conflict resolution coach Santana Moss, who inspire you to stay focused and give you insights on how to effectively reach your goals...

The offense... you - along with your family, friends, and others in your life - striving to move you forward in life to reach your goals...

The defense... everything that is trying to stop you from reaching your goals...

Penalties, like detention, failure, jail, wasted time, unaccomplished goals, are distractions that interfere and deter you from reaching your goals.

Go Virtual Green's goal, along with the Santana Moss Foundation, is to help youth navigate and succeed at the game of life. 

We use football as a parallel and fun way for our young people to become successful social entrepreneurs and future leaders, while protecting their digital identity, in our communities and online.

Self worth is the correlation of intellectual property and identity

Information gives you the ability to pick your identity and grow your self value, skills, and ability to create power and success for yourself and others around you. The opposite side of poverty is a devalued or unjust education and the middle ground that balance the two is the identity you choose for your self based on the information you choose to use or dismiss everyday. The information you keep turns into intellectual property which fuels your passions and abilities which eventually empowers your worth.

Santana Moss Life Skills and Conflict Resolution Coaching gives you the relevant information you need to help you succeed at the game of life.

CLICK the video below to see a preview of our all new reality TV series "Going Green with Moss" as Santana Moss coaches youth through life's challenges


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