Go Virtual Green Challenge Events bring STE[A]M to the community


The entire world knows what you know and that is a healthy education is the heartbeat of life and all of our children, no matter where they live at in the world, deserve a great teacher and a good place to learn that's safe in a community without hate. Go Virtual Green will help millions achieve that goal.

NeuroGreen© Olympics -“Training the Next Generation for the Real-World”

Go Virtual Green NeuroGreen© Olympics is a compilation of Timely Accountable Behavior Activities based on the principles of cognitive learning and Neuro-teaching packed into simple virtual and augmented guides, online media, trivia, and virtual games. Our Neurological cognitive-based teaching helps youth self-improve, earn rewards and prizes as they learn, and share knowledge within their communities. We focus on multiple areas of cognitive development – STEM, Finance, Business, Robotics, Construction, Agriculture, Economics, Entertainment, and Entrepreneurship – which produce amazing skills and power within our global community.

Where STEM, Arts, and Sports meet; the NeuroGreen© Olympics brings them all together to sharpen the mind

  • Activities include building robots in teams led by featured celebrities
  • Teams will eventually graduate from robots to building computers and loading OS and programming software
  • Incorporates the fitness aspect: meets national fitness standards of athletic testing, training, and mentoring
  • Incorporates the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA)

NeuroGreen© Olympics Activities

  • STE[A]M shoot out (basketball)
  • Tag football
  • Build robots
  • Build computers
  • Configure computers
  • Create computer software

The opposite side of poverty is a healthy education


The NeuroGreen Literacy Academy's mission is to teach the power of identity, balance, and how to connect the dots, which will guide you to the end results you desire through Financial Literacy and Entrepreneurship.