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Go Virtual Green Fundraiser

Do you love getting to know people and working closely with them to achieve big goals? So do we! We work with people and foundations all over the country in support of Some of us meet donors in their homes, others work with them on the phone, and others solve problems, analyze data and much more. Our purpose: helping donors impact the lifesaving work of through major gifts, bequests and other planned gifts.

Use your talents to help raise funds and awareness for, and help provide everyone the right to healthy education.

What we love to do:

  • Talk to people about why is a great charity to support
  • Help share the message
  • Bring to our donors through stories and news
  • Provide our donors with the best service and stewardship possible
  • Recruit new volunteers
  • Get to know our donors one-on-one and provide quality service

Go Virtual Green    Activist

Put your passion to help provide everyone the right to healthy education into action by becoming a champion business development partner for

Communicate with businesses and organizations on behalf of through various channels (including but not limited to phone, email, chat, text and social media) in support of the mission of empowering the youth and providing access to healthy, green, positive education.



  • Mastery of Go Virtual Green Fundraiser roles and responsibilities
  • Build relationships using excellent communication and negotiation skills
  • Knowledge and ability to use internet based applications and mainstream social media products such as Twitter, Facebook, Skype

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