Founded as The Family Life Resource and Culture Center in 1999, our non-profit serves the mission of providing good will and opportunity to deserving families.


Based on the need to reshape the culture of social media and bring responsibility to the internet - where our youth live, and have the potential to thrive, we created the GvG Challenge and re-focused the Family Life Resource Culture Center 501(c)(3) entity, which now does business as Our organization is based in the Washington, D.C. Metro are with satellite locations internationally. has built non-profit centers and funded outreach and STE[A]M development projects around the world.

Without knowing the force of words, it is impossible to know men; our good will is knowing how to ask “How May I Help You?”, enabling social change around the world.
— Jeremy Newkirk, Founder

Founder Jeremy Newkirk is a Sr. Computer Scientist, Software Developer, Sr. Microsoft Systems Engineer and Internet Architect, and CEO/Founder/Curator of NeuroGreen Software Technologies.  He is a highly sought-after world leader who's been developing world-changing information systems for Dell Computers, Sony Music, the US Navy, US Dept. Of Energy, US Dept. of State, United Nations Association, and Nigeria, Africa for over two decades.

CEO of, Olivia Wall is a Neuroscientist, Technology Program Manager, and Systems Engineer.  As a winner of the 2011 Woman of Color in Technology national STEM award, she has demonstrated leadership in her field and engineered software systems for clients in the US Government and private sector for over 18 years. She also is the SVP/co-Founder/CIO of NeuroGreen Software Technologies and the CEO/Founder of The Wall Group, LLC.

President of GvG Africa and the African Community Bridge Foundation, Oge Nwuso-Irono is's Partner for Global Community Outreach.

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Current Partnerships

Our 2020 goal is to create 1,000,000 young social entrepreneurs online. We have partnered with Capitol Hill, Tech Companies, and major celebrity sponsors to empower our programs which enable youth all over the world to create employment opportunities and bring responsibility to internet usage. We will make a sustainable social impact to improve the youth skills and self confidence via coaching , STEM , Art and  Entertainment.. has partnered with, Georgia Tech, The Atlanta Mayor's office, and the United Nations Association, Atlanta Chapter to form GvG-Atlanta.  This joint venture will bring the benefits of GreenTalk(c) to the youth of the world.  Our Director for GvG-Atlanta, Chinita Allen, is an award-winning STE[A]M educator and has been invited to compete for the 2016 Presidential Award for Excellence in Math and Science.

In a partnership with the African Comunity Bridge Foundation and John Hopkins Bloomberg School of public health is bringing solutions to millions of Nigerians as part of our GvG-Africa program to promote and provide a better environment for African youth to thrive and excel, by 2017 will have educated over 5 million youth in Nigeria.